Preventing tick bites

Ticks do not live high in the trees – they live in grass, bushes, heath, and low-growing foliage. That is why they usually come into contact with your feet, ankles, and lower legs first. Ticks are active all year round, but have a peak of activity from May to September, which is when most tick bites are reported.

Care Plus Bugsox Traveller

When it comes to tick bites, prevention is key! Cover up as much as possible. Wear long trousers and tuck your trouser legs into your socks. Wear impregnated Bugsox by Care Plus and apply a good anti-tick product such as Anti-Insect Deet 50% to exposed skin. These prevention tips will help you avoid being bitten.

Tip: Check each other! Are you in a risk area? Check yourself, your partner, and your children frequently for ticks.

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